Veramaris Wins F3 Fish Oil Challenge

2 BILLION fish saved from use in aquaculture feed.
The F3 Team launched a Global Competition to Create a Fish Oil substitute — Without Fish.
Aquaculture is poised to grow,
but faces a key bottleneck in its supply chain.
We Need Fish Oil Substitutes, so aquaculture can continue to grow.

The next F3 Challenge is now open!

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更为严重的是,水产养殖对海洋野生小型鱼类的依赖可能会影响到捕捞渔业。因为这些小型油性鱼类,又称“饵料鱼”(例如沙丁、鯷鱼和鲱),通常是捕捞渔业中的大型鱼类例如鳕鱼、鲑鱼、金枪鱼等的天然食物。而目前大多数饵料鱼都被磨碎做成了水产饲料。除此之外,这些小鱼还是海鸟和海洋哺乳动物如鲸鱼、海豹和海豚的天然食物。 如果处于海洋食物链中心的小型鱼类灭绝了, 那么依赖它们的生命也将不复存在。

The industry has made tremendous strides to vastly increase the productivity of fishmeal and oil, but if it is to expand, most scientists agree that more needs to be done to find substitute ingredients.

Substitute sources of protein exist that can substitute for protein without any impact on fish growth and health.  However, there is no substitute for fish oil that is cost-effective and available at scale.  


开发非鱼基 "鱼油" 替代品 鱼油中含有大量的必需脂肪酸。其中的DHA已经可从非鱼源比如藻类中获得。然而,DHA 只是鱼类营养所需的必需脂肪酸之一。开发一种创新性的鱼油替代品,能含有其他的必需脂肪酸例如EPA和ARA,且二者比率 能跟野生饵料鱼水平相当是 这次挑战的目标. The goal of this challenge is to reduce demand pressures on wild-caught stocks, by accelerating the availability of cost-competitive, viable substitutes for fish oil. To accelerate innovation towards a substitute for fish oil and the widespread adoption of fish-free feeds, the F3 Fish Oil Challenge has compiled the target values from four known fatty acid profiles found in forage fish that the contestants must meet. 

Why Participate? 

More important than the prize reward, participants gain access to significant public relations and media attention. The previous F3 (Fish-Free Feed) Challenge was mentioned over 100 times in news stories during the past year. The stories often named participants, and are targeted towards the aquafeed industry in the U.S. and abroad. In addition, participants with qualifying F3oils will be invited to an invitation-only meeting focused on substitute ingredients for aquaculture, to be held in San Francisco, California in February 2019. Participants will have the opportunity to present their products to investors, feed companies, and media.

Who Can Participate?

本次竞赛面向计划或正在销售非鱼基鱼油替代品 (“F3替代油”) 的公司开放,关于替代油的定义标准请查询《挑战规则》。比赛期间,替代油必须直接或经分销渠道间接销售给终端水产养殖户。  VIEW CHALLENGE RULES


奖金将颁发给售出 最多 DHA + EPA + ARA的团队, 按比赛结束时“合格F3替代油”的销售量来算。 DHA + EPA + ARA的销售量计算公式如下: ( (DHA浓度 + EPA浓度 + ARA浓度)) per unit of a F3替代油中的必需脂肪酸水平乘以 ((F3替代油的销售总量)).

F3oil Criteria

For an F3oil to qualify towards the Challenge prize, it must meet the following 产品标准: The F3oil must:

  1. be in dry powder or liquid form
  2. be free of marine animal ingredients
  3. have a fatty acid profile that meets the criteria in the table below:

 Omega 6
ARA (% of total fat)
Omega 3
EPA (% of total fat)
Omega 3
DHA (% of total fat)
n3:n6 Ratio
Minimum values are from the fatty acid profiles of Sardine (Pacific), Anchovy, Herring (Atlantic), and Menhaden fish oils (NRC, 2011). Mobile phone users: Swipe table to right to see the full set of criteria values.

F3oil Sample Submission Requirements.

销售标准: 本次挑战仅限于销售用于水产饲料的F3替代油ࠋ所᭷参赛团队必须严格按照“赛程表”中的约定时间汇报F3替代油的销售㔞,并提供相关客户信息以供裁判团抽查所ࠋ格保密᭷提交的客户信息都将严格保密。


注册于2017年9月4日开放, 比赛于2019年9月15日结束。 查看赛程表

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